This engine is the first V5 ever put in a production vehicle, and one you may haven't even heard of. Its essentially a narrow angle VR6 with 1 cylinder chopped off and repositioned. 5 cylinders are arranged in 2 separate banks, one with 3 cylinders and the other one with 2 (If numbers aren't your strong suit).

2.3 Litres of displacement capable of delivering 148 HP and 151 lb. ft. of torque. Reading further into VW engines from that time (Late 90's) I sort of understand the point of its existence. Something above the 1.8T which at the time produced 134 HP, but below the hot rod VR6 with 180 HP.

After the year 2000, the head was updated with twin cams and valves were injected to make it a 20 valve. All this raised power to 168 hp and 162 lb. ft. These engines powered both the Golf and the Bora, and makes my love for VW even more