I've been having a rough week. There was a fire at work, the people I was excited for their contracts to end have been extended, and now, this morning, I get a battery light on my '09 Rabbit.

No biggie, I thought, I'll just pick up a battery after dropping TheGirlfriend off at the train station on my way to work.

My little Rabbit said: "Haha, you're funny." Halfway to town, the Speedo starts dropping off and coming back. Ok, that's weird. I can live with it. Then I partially lose power steering. Then all hell breaks loose. Misfires, total loss of power steering, guage cluster clinging on to the last bits of life, all while hypocritically mocking me by screaming through it's warning chime, wasting more battery. Then, no throttle.

Fuck. That's when I remember the Germans decided to do a drive by wire system, including the accelerator pedal. That was smart.

I pull to the side of the road and the engine dies. Surely, this is just the battery being dead, I hoped. I was able to jump the car with a trusty Jump-N-Carry battery pack, but there wasn't enough power to even register the accelerator. I'm stuck.


I order a battery online and have my dad, who works in town, pick it up and bring it to me. Install it, fire up the car, and wooh! I'm mobile again!

But the battery indicator light is still on. Damn it. I went to the local auto store and got them to do a test. 12V when off. Cool. Start the car... 12V. Shit.


$400 of battery and alternator later, I'm finally back at home, off work for the day, and replacing the alternator.

But the kicker is, and it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't a kicker, I have to be at a wedding rehearsal to shoot it at 2. It's 11:20 now.


Damn you Volkswagen. Couldn't you have waited just one more day?!