2 weeks of Beetle ownership and I’ve already been Volkswagen’d.

as you can see, the previous owner of my house also owned a car that leaked

Pulled the bug out of the garage to find a small puddle of oil on the ground. A nice chunk of the internet says it’s the rear main seal. Apparently a common issue (seriously, a common issue on a lot of VWs sub 20k miles, wtf is that?!). I’ve got a full warranty for a bit so it’s going to the dealership tomorrow to get repaired and to get a full twice over to make sure everything else is spot on. We’ve got a wedding in Dallas coming up so maybe I’ll get to road trip the loaner car.


Additionally, my over night (okay, over weeks) parts from Japan arrived:

this feels super rice and I love it
test fit of whatwill be the after - also running a piece of chrome tape along the indented portion of the body molding

I think it’ll end up looking pretty decent. Much better than the black base model door handle look. Going to wait until it’s out of the shop before I install them.

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