So I have been having transmission problems in my 960 that started a few weeks ago. It's all electronic, and basically I think the Park neutral position switch is broken, so it starts in 3rd gear all the time. But it could also be the speedo, which is unavailable. In the midst of this I have been more and more considering doing a MT swap from my Aisin A340E. The problem is, is the I6 in my car is different from the older I4s, so they don't make Tremec T5 bellhousings for them, so I'd have to go custom. But after doing some googling I found that the Supra, LS400, and 4.0L Jeep Cherokee all use the same transmission! So I was wondering then if they would use the same bellhousing. If so, is there anything stopping me from swapping in an Aisin AX15 or a Cherokee -> T5 bellhousing? Thanks guys!