Volvo did me a spook

Turned the key and the the hazards turned on. Engine however, did not. Hmm

Apparently I tripped the alarm system somehow. So the car wouldn’t start, and the hazards wouldn’t turn off. #volvolyfe

A quick google search told me that I just needed to lock and unlock the doors again. Boom, fixed. That’s one thing I love. While there are a lot of little things that go wrong, if I search up symptoms, I get the exact problem and how to fix it. It’s not like I’m given 10 possibilities and I have to go from there. Nope. Every single Volvo issue has been incredibly easy to pinpoint. So, sure, the Miata never really breaks... But when something goes wrong, there are usually a million different culprits and it ends up taking longer to fix the issue, despite being a much simpler platform.


Oh and bonus V70 T5. I really need a spoiler, and I think a darker tint, too. Last picture is my 850 for comparison.


Or maybe I should just get a V70 to compliment the 850 wagon 🤔 

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