Volvo’s Back from the Shop, AMA

Just drove the Volvo back home after picking it up from the shop. I stopped by the car wash on the way back as well (sorry, Svend; I will learn how to wash it once things settle down in July). The guy at the shop said there were no surprises and everything looks good in there now, and echoed AMG Tech’s opinion that the chunk missing out of the transmission torque bracket is nothing to worry about. It feels pretty nice to not have any sort of anxiety about the car’s condition now.

Here’s all the work done, and the fiscal toll:


The total came to $1988.30, which brings my total outlay on the car (excluding gas) to around $8500 in the three months since I test drove it (that is, including the purchase price). The good news is that it should only need maintenance I can do myself for a good long while (at the pace I put miles on it).

The shop calls itself an exclusively Volvo specialist, but this smart was parked out front both yesterday and today:

Maybe it’s a tech’s?

Anyways, AMA about the Volvo, or whatever else.


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