My gf's sister in law recently bought and returned a Lexus RX350, because in her words, the seats weren't comfortable—they hugged you too much. This is the first time I've ever heard someone call a Lexus RX's seats over-bolstered. BUT, what brand new SUVs have super plush seats?

She definitely wants something brand new. Her husband has a newish Acura MDX, but she's been stuck with a minivan for several years so I think they might spend a little more (but not too much) more than an MDX. Maybe like $50k at the very most but don't need to go that high.

I suggested a Grand Cherokee, because my old '99 has super comfy seats that feel like over stuffed recliners. But I haven't actually sat in a new one.

Anybody sat in a current style Grand Cherokee, and of so how are the seats?

Any other SUVs you've sat in that have particularly comfy seats?