Volvo update

Spoiler alert: it still doesn’t run

I replaced the ignition coil. Thanks to MM54 for pointing out that the coil could be very weak, but still putting out electricity. I was reading 0.02 volts at the lead from the coil. With the new one, I’m getting 10.7-11 volts. I need a smaller strap, the new coil is too small for the old strap.


Now I’m getting very weak spark, not enough for it to start. For some reason I thought I replaced the condenser when I replaced the points, but then actually looked at it, and it clearly hasn’t been replaced in decades

So a new condenser is on the way from rockauto, since local places wanted $30, and $43. $16 from rockauto, along with another set of points to have as backup. So if I don’t wind up with strong spark after this, or I do, and it still doesn’t start, I’ll be running out of things to replace....

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