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Volvo update #6 or something

I’m at the point where I’m pretty much out of ideas. I replaced the condenser and the points today, and the spark looks no stronger than before. So either that’s as strong as the spark gets, or maybe the starter is drawing so much power that there isn’t much left for sparking? It cranks fairly unevenly, and slower than I feel like it should. That’s my only idea at the moment, that my starter is failing and drawing a ton of power. Where it sits it would be nearly impossible to replace the starter. Not impossible, but extremely unpleasant.


Also, after cranking for 10-15 seconds, some smoke? Starts to come out of the pcv, and now from under the oil cap. Not a ton, but some, and I don’t find that super reassuring.

I don’t want to totally give up yet, but I’m really starting to doubt this thing is gonna be on the road this year, let alone capable of a road trip.

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