O.k. I know the lawyers, the PR folks, and the safety groups would never let Volvo get away with this but it would be so cool....

(Scene 1- Kitchen at breakfast time)

Mom: "Sorry honey, I have to work late, dad will pick you up from school and take you to practice."

Boy (about 12 yrs old) "Awww mom, can't I take the bus? It's embarrassing when dad picks me up."

Mom: "You shouldn't be embarrased because your father drives a Volvo."

Boy: "I don't see why he can't drive like everyone else."

Mom: "Because we are not like everyone else, now get your things it's time for school."


(Scene 2, after school. Boy is waiting at the curb while drones of silver German sedans retrieve students)

The sounds of engine and tire smoke is in the distance.

Close up on boy's face, he is clearly mortified.

A red Volvo V60 R-design comes full oppositelock (drift) across the parking lot. Stops in front of the boy. Dad gets out wearing a K-Pax racing suit and take off his helmet.


Dad "What?..."

Boy shakes his head and gets in the car.

More tire smoke and the Volvo is gone...

Voiceover- "The wagon is back..."