Hate to do this to Oppo, but she needs votes. But this is not completely car unrelated. I'm a car nut and fancy Loti. I have an Esprit. It was my dream car as a kid; So when it came time that I could buy one I did. But it doesn't stop there. Even before I got my hands on a Lotus, I had to name my son.

My sons middle name is Chapman named after the founder of Lotus. He started asking me if he gets the Lotus when I die; Not sure if he is going to wait for me to naturally pass or if he is lining up a hitman.


This is my daughter Tessa Elan. She is in a baby photo contest. We couldn't use this Photo because they want no professional pictures. So we used on my wife took of her.

She is cute on her own, but we are a pretty small family and most likely she need votes to make the next stage of the contest; Hence why I'm here, begging Oppo for votes.

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Feel free to look at the other Babies. The remember Tessa's middle name is Elan. Then vote for the baby of your choice. Any votes our way are appreciated.

Tessa Elan