No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, make your vote count! I noticed some interesting things in my local polls...

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Last time I voted (2016) I lived in a liberal city in a liberal county. Now I live in a “purple” city in a conservative county. In 2016 the Democrats ran unopposed in local elections. I wasn’t surprised by this as I knew that few pay attention to local politics.


When I went to vote tonight I saw that the Republicans ran unopposed tonight in local elections. I checked the ballot in the city I used to live in and saw that the Democrats were again running unopposed as well. This makes me sad because I sorta feel like little has changed. I know Trump’s election got a staggering amount of people left and right into federal and state politics, however it seems the wave of new blood skipped local politics. Some of these people have been in office for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Some of them in part because nobody bothers to oppose them. Maybe next time.

Side note: I’m coming ever so close to just saying “screw it, I’m running for public office in 2020" but I keep holding myself back. I watched as a bestie's friend ran for alderman in his city and it looked really fun. But I need to be realistic. lol

Have Lincoln for your time.

Illustration for article titled Voting Oppo

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