Racing A Lotus Makes Everything Else Look Ginormous

Grindintosecond brings us some insane in-car race footage from a VQ35DE-swapped Lotus Europa. This is an extremely lightweight car that makes a 944 look gigantic, and it's a total rocketship with that big 3.5-liter V6 Nissan engine in the middle.

VQ35DE-->Lotus europa.

And then add a sequential gearbox and big sticky tires and brakes. Ride along with a 390hp/1500 pound viewpoint level with the door handles of a Corvette, a bit in to the race a 944 leans on this guy a bit and the roof-line was all the way up to the bottom of the 944's windows it's so low. Everything looks like racing against fast SUV crossovers.

(The audio isn's so good and is a bit the volume.)

As the race progresses we can see the dangers of driving a very short, nimble car in a race with much much more powerful cars. In fact, it's interesting to see the supremacy of such a great handling car and how much danger the driver can get himself in if he were to try muscling himself around like some of the other cars. (ie: The green car) Just in case you wanted to know what it sounds like without the interesting audio from inside, here is a tuning pull of the VQ35 in the back.

Now I really wish the audio was good from inside....