Have any of you done it?

I just got an email from BMW who apparently had a set up with a PlayStation with a VR headset running Grand Tourismo at the consumer electronics show. They took the top five fastest virtual racers out for a real life HPDE in an M4 on a real track. (Whoever came up with this marketing gimmick is a genius btw.)

Anyway, I thought that VR setup sounded either really cool or a quick way to barf all over yourself. I feel like it’s not going to be a so-so experience.


I’ve got a PlayStation and the game. The headset from PlayStation is $230 which is a lot of money if it’s less than a great experience.

I’ve also got an Xbox and Forza 7 but I don’t see a VR headset directly branded as Xbox. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a setup that they love but I’d rather get branded stuff that works rather than cobble together a setup of unknown quality.

Anyone try this yet? Or am I the monkey who is going to have to launch himself into space and let you know how it goes?

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