2015 VW GTI purchased July 2015. Had numerous rattles, squeaks, etc. Then look what literally just fell out of my dashboard and onto the floor of my pedal box....

I’m sure it’s not structural, but are you serious? I’m guessing this is the culprit of the obnoxious dash vibration between 2500 and 3000 rpm (and that happens when I go through the gears EVERY. SINGLE. TIME). My NVH issues so far are as follows


1. The above causing a rattle in my lower left dash

2. Vibration between 2500-3000 rpm (probably soundkador)

3. Sunroof squeak (dealership FINALLY fixed in October)

4. Passenger seat squeak that is louder than the radio over uneven pavement (and I live in Michigan so.... everywhere)

5. Rear seat squeak (likely seat belt sensor ball I can’t do a damn thing about)

Oh and best part is I told them about the rattle that was caused by this little guy in the photo in October and they “couldn’t find anything”.....


In case anyone was wondering why I’m so unenthused with my GTI (among other reasons unrelated to the above but likely exacerbating my negative opinions).

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