2018 VW atlas reviews are like minor league ball. Kinda pitchin' all over the place.

It’s been a week in the woods. Maybe today will be the day. Maybe the Atlas will start and at least quit on the highway next time.

Have a satirical laugh: Out of 127 reviews, 43% say 5-stars. The rest? Equally divided among the rest of the stars, from 4 down to 1, nearly equal percents. Anything from a great new car with obvious first-year fixes to downright lemon square-tastic ownership. Overall a 3.6, but the stories tell the obvious. It works until it doesn’t and when it doesn’t, it’s pretty bad unfix-able electrical problems. You have a 50% chance of a good vehicle. And equally a vehicle with problems. 50% isn’t good enough for anyone i’m afraid. Roll that 1d20, and bend over to accept the result. It might be fun!


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