Illustration for article titled VW Diesel and the BP Oilspill, which is worse?

I was driving home today from work and listening to NPR talk about the warchest VW has set aside for the fines. They are mentioning how it might not be enough money to cover the fines.

In June of this year BP agreed to pay 18.7 billion when all is said and done. The max fine for VW is near 18 billion as well. Now speculators say it won’t reach anywhere near that amount, but in my arguement VW will pay the max amount of fine per car.


BP’s money is paid to local people, states’ recovery efforts, and national fines. VW would go to the EPA correct? What pollution is worse for long term effects, and which fines are just. Both cases were caused from known deficiencies by management. Their negligence resulted in harm to the environment and 11 direct deaths in BP, and a hypothetical number of premature deaths caused by smog.

Oppo what do you think? Who did worse? Who should pay more, and what do you think is fair?

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