VW Diesel Car Storage in Georgia

So, I was staying in northern Georgia for a few days last week. Just before the sun went down, I stumbled upon a parking lot of an old factory PACKED full of cars.

At first, I was thoroughly confused. But then I noticed they were all VW’s and it clicked. These were some of the Dieselgate buy backs.

I only had limited time, but I snapped a few pics from the gate area. The security gaurd came over and talked with me for a few minutes. Nice guy. He was surprised how much I knew about the whole situation.


He said there were 3500 cars there. They were head to tail lined up all around the property. Some were clearly very damaged (drivable?), but most looked good. He also mentioned there have been vandals recently and they were stepping up security.

I don’t feel like straightening this out.
Is this one yours?

I only really got a few usable pictures.

I also understand there is another lot where busses used to be manufactured, but I didn’t get to it.


I hesitate to give the exact location for giving more traffic to the place, but the local Chattanooga news stations seem to have covered them a bit a few months ago.

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