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VW Jetta Rental: One Minute Review

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My buddy got it as a rental while his car is in the body shop, and he thought I might like to try it out. So we went for a short drive, including some highway time.


The first car I ever drove was an 82 Rabbit. Second car, and the first I ever owned, was an 88 Fox wagon. That gave way to a brand new 2001 Golf. Each time I got into the new VW, I knew I was in a VW. The seat, the fit, the feel, the stiffness. All of it. Not so at all with this car. It could have been just about anything, it was impossible to tell except for the VW badge on the steering wheel.

My overall review of the Jetta: Meh.

It’s a car. It’s a normal, everyday, car.

Visibility is pretty good, but the A pillars are like oak trees. It’s got a bit of zip to it, though it’s a turd off the line. Putting your foot in it from a light takes about 1-2 seconds to get going, but it’s quick after that. Shifting through the gears “manually” was unexciting, you just keep the accelerator floored and shift when the tach cranks up. It got up to 95 without too much complaining, but we were going down an onramp. It’s quieter than all the other VWs I’ve owned, but there’s still some refreshing engine noise. I’m not crazy about all the sharp angles in the design lines, but that’s where we are. The external styling is....there. Oh, and the armrest is too short and too low.


Ultimately, it was fine. It was a car. And that’s probably what VW was after.

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