[Civics & Jettas I’m Shopping for are the body styles pictured above]

About 3 weeks ago, my Father said that he would help me buy a car as a reward for finishing college. My Budget is $8,000, but knowing my mom the budget might expand to $9,000.


In a perfect world, I would be trying to make up my mind between buying a 2007 Lexus IS250 or Infiniti G35, but my job situation isn’t stable. Furthermore, I Believe that it’s a smarter idea to do a one-pay lease on a $25,000 car than it is to finance a 9 year old Japanese Sedan.

Why I should buy a 6 year old Civic:

  • I’m 1/2 Asian, and Asian people like Civics
  • I know that it’s going to be more reliable than a 6 year old Jetta, even though I would sell it and buy a Lexus IS250 as soon as I can afford it
  • If I wanna drive stick, Honda gearboxes are better than VW gearboxes. If I ever move out of San Francisco, then I guarantee that my next car will be manual.

Why I should buy a 6 year old Jetta:

  • A Jetta is nicer to drive than a comparable civic. Even if I’m comparing a base 5 cylinder model jetta to a Civic Si. Especially a Jetta TDI to a Civic Si.
  • My Sister let me borrow her 2010 Jetta for 2 months while my Nissan Pathfinder was in the shop. I put about 1,300 miles on the car. I loved the way the car drove on city streets. I loved the fuel economy on the freeway. I loved having an AUX wire and heated seats.

Why can’t I make up my damn mind?

  • I worked for Toyota previously, and it feels weird that I’m not considering any toyota products. With a $16,000 budget, I’d have trouble deciding between trying a 2014 Corolla S, a 2009 Lexus IS350, or a Scion iM (college grad lease special).
  • I’ve gotten the opportunity to drive many different cars around the bay area. Deciding to buy a Civic makes me wonder if I have any imagination.
  • I can try to look for Jetta’s online, but then I end up looking at Golf GTIs and VW owners forums.
  • I could also have a Mazda 3 with a salvage title or a V8 mustang with an uncomfortable amount of miles. The Mazda 3 is a very good car, and the mustang is a strong candidate because it’s fast.

Tell me why I’m wrong in the comments section

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