I'm all for black humor, but even if I greenly assume it's politically incorrect fun this wall decoration is going way too far.

It reminds me of those dreadful "Waffenschmiede Wolfsburg" ("Armory Wolfsburg") stickers:

Or even more revealing:

You can also find those symbols on T-Shirts and so on. Even without considering the specific history of VW this shit is inexcusable!


Why you are allowed to sell and buy those in Germany is beyond me since our laws specifically prohibit Nazi symbolism. Admittedly there is a huge grey area, but we live in a country were a guy was on trial for selling obvious anti-fascist paraphernalia which shows the swastika. He wasn't found guilty in the end, but you can imagine the severity of our Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution when it comes to Nazi propaganda and symbolism.

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth although retarded bullshit like this is gladly impossible over here.


I found the picture on top while browsing for cheap pre 1990 coupes.

To end my rant on a more positive note: The Monza is becoming more attractive with every year that passes...