Recent interview with VW development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser has stated that VW is moving forward with the development of the next gen Phaeton, which I find weird. Why is VW so adamant on trying to get the Phaeton to work. It was a huge flop in the US, and a flop in Europe (so I've heard, correct me if I'm wrong on this).

In the interview, he claims that the business case for the Phaeton made more sense then the Bluesport roadster, which was being considered for production, because the Phaeton can serve as a test bed for new tech. I mean yea, the Bluesport would have been a super niche product, but still, it would have made more sense then the Phaeton.

Some of you might say, "well Kia has the K900, and no one is complaining", but the reality is that while Kia is taking a gamble selling the 60k plus K900, they aren't trying to bring a car back that failed the first time around. So what do you guys think? Should VW invest in the next gen Phaeton (if it comes to the US) or should development money be spent elsewhere?