So now that the A/S3 has broken cover and on its way to dealerships, VAG is now starting to wonder where it stands against the CLA. I think there's one thing that would have nipped that in the bud and assured the car a good reception: made it into Tanner's new rally car.

Stay with me. The CLA is going to be the face of new luxury luxury. Its pedigree mixed with smooth mini-CLS looks has secured that it become the go to entry-lux for non enthusiasts.

So the A/S3 needs to play in a new market. And that's the one of the grown-up enthusiasts. It's the perfect next car for the kid that had a GTI or GLI through college and yearns for the same, but with better curb appeal.

These guys still watch Top Gear, and secretly stream the XGames in their office when the boss isn't watching and before they figure out their computers are being monitored. These guys would have followed the success, made the link back to the original Quattro, and bought the 3 in an attempt to live out every man's dream of being a real life race car driver.