I know all the car journos say it’s happening any day now, but it never actually happens. It’s like all those clickbait articles that you see about “flying cars that you’ll be able to buy next year”. I want a Superb damnit.

I think Skoda would make a VERY good competitor to Kia/Hyundai. Think about it. The Superb is right in Optima territory.

Then there’s the Kodiaq. You could shape a pile of dog feces to look like a midsize/compact CUV nowadays and it would sell like hotcakes (see: dodge journey). An actually good car like the Kodiaq would absolutely fly off dealer lots. And, in North America, even in Canada where we actually got Skodas for way longer than people think, the Skoda name never really got a particularly BAD reputation. Not like Kia or Hyundai, or in Canada, Lada. So, unlike in Europe, there’d be no real bad reputation to slowly chip away at.


“But what about Dieselgate!!!”, you might scream in the back. But I don’t think that would affect Skoda sales that badly, mainly because Skoda isn’t VW. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Audi sales have been that badly affected by Dieselgate either, since all the attention has been on VW.


I think if Hyundai/Kia have proved anything in the last few years, it’s that there’s a market for sensible, good looking, well-priced, well-equipped cars, even if the badge isn’t that glamourous.