It includes models sold internationally, I would double check with the NHTSA too.

Illustration for article titled VWAG has a large recall in Mexico
  • Saveiro 2015-2018 MY - 21,400 vehicles
    Rear brake disk mount can fail, leading to wheel locking up.
  • Crafter 2008-2017-150 vehicles
    Due to humidity, airbag propellant fails, in the case of a crash occupants could be impaled by shards.
  • Tiguan 2018- 3,200 vehicles
    Due to humidity, DRL circuitry could be shorted, causing a fire
  • Golf R 2018- “at least” 173 vehicles
    Incorrectly fastened fuel line can become loose, causing fuel leaks and a fire hazard.
  • A5 2018-2019- eight vehicles
    Incorrectly fastened subframe bolts could cause “loss of control” doesn’t describe how.
  • Jetta 2019 - “at least” 16 vehicles
    Incorrectly soldered fuel tank may leak from “FDM” sensor, creating a fire hazard
  • A3,Q2 2018-2019-56 vehicles
    Incorrectly soldered headrest could fail, rendering it inmovable.

PROFECO and VW are quick to point out that it was VW who iniciated the recall, and that any servicing cost needs to be covered by the manufacturer. 

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