why monkee, are you bothering with two turrible civics?

well, there was no option for a hatch with all the features of the coupe, and I think the coupe looks bad

VX hatchback, EX coupe. The now very rare SI hatchback came with the same engine as the EX, but never with all the power options
EX has sunroof. But i will not be transferring this over, quite obviously.
manual key, vs remote locks and alarm
manual windows vs power
manual mirrors vs power. EX also has standard tweeters.
cruise control, power mirrors, sunroof.

currently the blank spot has a metal ball for my magnetic phone mount
cruise control
old and busted stereo, blocked off A/C button.

SLIGHTLY less old, far leas busted stereo, and A/C button
this one I didnt know about until I went to adjust the steering column in the VX. who knew this was an option!?
a clock
EX got TWO airbags! but I cant remove an airbag and sell the car, so it will stay on the black one
looks like the rubbers from the red civic will join the antenna from the black
I’ll steal the missing door trim
I already have nicer wheels, but the winter tyres and set of wheels will be handy. VX got SUPER lightweight 13in alloys for the fuel economy
VX got a painted on lip, EX is added on. But its not the one I want, so it can stay on the black car
6000rpm redline in the econo engine, 7.? in the more spritely one
a FAR emptier engine bay without the goodies.

VX: 92 hp (69 kW) 1.5 L D15Z1 VTEC-E
EX: 125 hp (93 kW) 1.6 L D16Z6 VTEC
the major difference is that the VX has a VTEC designed for fuel economy, and is SLOW. while the EX has the most exciting SOHC engine available. With ~33HP difference (depending on how many have left the stable).

not pictured is the rear drum brakes will become discs, no sway bars becomes sway bars, and some other slight variations in suspension.

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