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So I was looking up info about the Viper's V10 (which awsomely enought is called Pinnacle) and I found this little tid-bit I didn't know about the V-10 in the forth gen Viper was ONE OF the first push-rod engines to ever get Varible Valve Timing.


Seeing how LT1 makes max to around 2000ish RPM, I'm kind of disapointed to learn that even though it has VVT the Viper doesn't make max torque at turbocharged low RPM. Considering the Viper is somewhat defined by it's torque it's worrying that the C7 Z06 (let alone the ZR1) might be able to destroy the Viper in that category. Maybe those rumors of the Viper getting a major 2015-2016 update (by which I mean generation 2/4 major) is acually true.

On another note when I typed Viper V-10 in goggle image this and a bunch of other Henti popped up (while safeseach was on no less). Serously, what the fuck. (NSFW)


Edit: just relized GM never made the claim that the LT1 was the first push-rod engine with VVT. Still there are some good points to be made about the Viper's torque curve.

Edit 2: According to Bertel Schmitt I'm a writer for Jalopnik. Yes, this user made post which can only be found on Jalopnik's forms and NEVER GRACED THE FRONT PAGE is representative of Jalopnik's writers as a whole. I mean wow. I don't know what's sadder; Bertel clamming this was written by an editor, the fact he didn't mention I only linked the nude pic and made a huge NSFW claim, or the fact he dug though the deepest parts of Oppo just to find stuff like this. Again, WOW.

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