What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I did not look at the back end carefully enough before, and for $400 (need to tow, grand total came out to $516 plus title will be ~$200) I do not care. Car is in damn good shape though now that I have been able to look closer. I’ve yet to find any flaws in the body although it badly needs a detail. The interior needs a quick clean and will look like it rolled off the factory floor, there is one tiny trim piece missing, that is it. Adding to the awesomeness, the car was serviced by the shop since 1994, they have 100+ pages of service records they’re sending over. The one in the glovebox from 2013 shows they had the entire braking system refreshed. The owner was an older guy who apparently took meticulous care of the car, found out it was abandoned because he passed away.

Turn signal is cracked and in the back seat. And the rubber trim on the back bumper needs to be snapped back in. That is the two flaws so far. Have not even tried to start it though, I have a tender going on it now to try and bring the battery back to life.


It was sitting in the driveway when my wife pulled in. As soon as my daughter saw it she “that is my car mommy” and then would not get out for an hour.

Illustration for article titled w123 update: its actually a 240d derp

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