The MudBug has unfortunately developed into quite the thorn in my side. Its penchant for filling the crankase with gasoline and killing batteries has been rasing my ire as of late, and I have decided to replace him with something a bit more refined. So here are my options:


Black 1984 Mercedes 300CD Turbodiesel (W123)

3.0L I-5 Diesel, 120hp/148lbs, Automatic

108,000 miles, but sat for around a year. Needs rear drive boots, transmission adjustment, interior clean up, and nothing more than that. Minimal rust and decay, paint in good condition


Drives beautifully; a bit slow and "wallowy" for my taste, however. Would keep it stock and drive it till the wheels fall off.




Red 1984 Audi 4000S Quattro sedan

2.2L I-5, 115hp/125lbs, 5 speed

AWD, with manually locking differentials

I have forgotten to ask about the mileage twice now...

According to seller (I have dealt with before, trustworthy), It has no mechanical issues save faulty window regulator on passenger side. Clutch is fine, transmission is fine, engine is fine. Want to swap in a turbo'd 7A, springs, Compomotive wheels, euro bumpers....I got plans!



I'm leaning towards Audi, but I will regret not getting ahold of the sexy W123. I am in school currently (University of Oklahoma), and do want something relatively reliable and fun to drive. As the title illustrates, I am currently poking around in a derelict '74 Super Beetle baja bug. It has been a complete PITA as a daily driver.

Which would you choose, and for what reasons?

And will someone tell me, for all that is holy, how the heck do I put images within text? It keeps posting them to the top of the post.