W126 Parking Lot Brake Job

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Did my son’s W126 brakes in a parking lot the other day. And, I will again sing the praises of the “honest engineering” from the Golden Era of Mercedes-Benz. Caliper mounts simple; pin-based pad-retention. Easy to work on. Quick to repair. Basically no easy ways to Screw It Up.


And, unlike other German makes of the same era (AUDI, I’m looking at you) the parts supply is both available and affordable.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will note the “trisket-wafer thin” worn pads. He had indeed worn the rears down to metal-upon-metal. Not good.


But, an hour of easy work in a Lowe’s Parking Lot in Tucson? And, good as new. The “Sedan Driven By the Afrikaaners In That Lethal Weapon Movie”? Lives to drive another day.

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