1996 Mercedes S320
3.2L straight six
88,000 miles
$5400 obo

The W140 is aging quite gracefully in my opinion. Anybody know anything about these? Is there a reliability/cost advantage to the I6 vs one of the V8s? This one looks to be in pretty good shape.

Mercedes interiors of that era seem to have held up quite well.


Plenty of room in the back


At first I was thinking this one seems a little overpriced, and around $4500 might be NP, but then I checked edmunds.com and found average dealer retail on these in clean condition is $4,228... Private party? $3,195.
How much lower can these go? Seems they may be reaching the bottom of their depreciation curve. And nothing costs $30,000 to fix when the whole car can be replaced for 3 grand.

What say you, oppo?