W450 smart cabrio Restoration: The Good And The Bad So Far

I’ve been afraid to let Laura get wet. I was scared to find out just how well sealed that roof is.

After many downpours and raining all night, I finally went out to the car. Dry. Whew.

Next order of business was installing that sweet clock I received last night.



After (I swapped the red ring over to the tach because red = fast, yo):


The engine also has a good serpentine belt, unlike my 451..No slipping while driving in the rain!

Unfortunately, while the clock lights up, it does not work. This is either because the safety triangle (the panel where that big red button is) doesn’t work, or the clock doesn’t work...or both?


Either way, I’m going to have to replace the safety triangle anyway since the air conditioner button doesn’t work. Hopefully the new safety triangle makes the clock work and I solve two problems at the same time.

Now...just to source the stupid thing. Off to Canadian eBay I go!

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