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Wade didn't take this pic

Hnnnnnnnnnggg <3


This is actually the first time seeing what my body position looks like. I’ve only ever had the helmet GoPro to determine my head position and scrapes to know I have okay leg frame, it’s been mostly guess work on my part. I began development last year, after getting the suit. The focus was not simply knee down, but to attempt to develop proper body position and technique. If you’re going to ride with a suit, then you should probably learn to get comfy and quick, and not a poser crossed up goof.

I’m happy with a lot in this photo. The glaring issue is my inside foot is out and close to the deck, I’ve been working on tucking them in a bit because the pegs are a little on the low side.


For context (excuses?), I haven’t done this corner in over a year, and when I last did it I was neutral. I did the opposite direction first and there was a cop directly behind me so I had no initial speed knowledge of the corner other than the recommended posted and other experience to gauge. Because the police were about I decided to make just the one run. So, this is me on a fresh unfamiliar corner at 7/10ths. I generally don’t recommend tomfoolery on undivided, but I’m continuously the ultimate hypocrite and traffic was light.

You can view other riders through watermarks, most of which are displaying more neutral positions. The full set of me is halfway page down 7:30-8:00:


These are some videos that helped me:

Yamaha ChampSchool
Life at Lean

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