Two wagons: both from the ‘90s, and both with a similar mission: be more practical than their sedan counterparts. However, these two ultra-clean wagons each tackle this mission with a different approach. Let the battle begin:

Both wagons wear aerodynamic styling, but the Taurus has the slight (rounded) edge. Both wagons utilized the the first generation of their respective platforms, with refreshed styling. The Legacy arguably made the bigger leap in styling from the previous generation, but the Taurus was sleeker from the beginning. The rear is a different story. Personally, I find the wrap-around taillights and blacked-out d-pillars of the Legacy more attractive.

Both interiors look like fairly pleasant places to be. The dashboard of the Taurus does look a little cheap thanks to the airbag cover seams (and other seams), but you do get a genuine front bench seat.


The back seats are actually fairly similar. They both look fairly comfortable. However, the Legacy offers two rear headrests, sculpted (sort of) seat bottoms, and a pull-out armrest. I won’t comment on rear leg room, since I’m not sure how the front seats are adjusted.


The Taurus has a larger cargo capacity. This makes sense; the Taurus is a bigger wagon. However, with the seats down, the difference is noticeable: 83 cu ft vs 69.6 cu ft. The width at the widest point in the back doesn’t look to be that different, thanks to the location of the spare tire in the Taurus.

The other big comparison are the engines and drivetrains. This Taurus has the 3.8L Essex V6, good for 140 hp and 215 ft-lbs of torque. Meanwhile, this Legacy has the 2.2L EJ22 good for 135 hp and 139 ft-lbs of torque. Keep in mind, the Taurus is ~300 lbs heavier (looking at max weights). Both use a 4-speed automatic, but the Legacy has AWD.

Now, the deciding factor: mileage and price. The Taurus has 53,000 km (33,000 miles) and is listed for $6,190 USD. The Legacy has 33,000 km (21,000 miles) and is listed for $1,190 USD.


I know what I would choose, but it isn’t an easy decision. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Taurus wagon in such great shape, but I don’t think I could say no to the price of the Legacy. Is the Taurus really $4,000 more wagon?

What’s your choice?