This is my dog Skye. She’s the Kinja safety image I’m going to post before a long story involving my kids and a bunch of stupid teenage drama.

A bit over a week ago I posted about the issues with my youngest teenage daughter and her deadbeat boyfriend.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Daughter is 17. Back when she was six months old she developed a high fever from a kidney infection, the result of which was surgery to correct a defect in her bladder. Up until yesterday she had never had another infection and knew very well the things she needed to do to avoid them. I got text messages from the ex-wife who was in the hospital with the kid who had been admitted with a 105 degree fever.

I called her back to find out what was going on and what the next steps were. She and the daughter were going at it over mom asking for some tests that we know are available and non-invasive that haven’t been performed yet. That will get followed up in the morning with the appropriate medical personnel. Then of course the ex had one more issue to discuss.


She wants me to demand my “two weeks summer visitation” this year. She doesn’t want to come across as the bad guy, but she wants to get some distance between the daughter and the deadbeat.

I confirmed a few details about the deadbeat.
1. He has no high school diploma, and is “only two classes short”.
2. His parents really did kick him out.
3. His dad is a cop and a marine. Supposedly is really strict.
4. said teenage daughter has been begging her mom to let the deadbeat stay with them. “He slept on the street last night.”
5. the deadbeat kid has been known to drive the daughter’s car.


The ex and I are both concerned that our daughter is waiting until she’s 18 thinking that she’ll move out on her own and in with the deadbeat. That she doesn’t see the dangers and problems in this, despite being in the top 5% of her high school class. My former wife is going to ask for the phone number of the father of this deadbeat kid to talk to him about this situation. So far we both agree that if he had his diploma we would have dropped him off at the recruiter’s office. We both served in the Army, his dad in the Marine Corps, this kid needs to get his shit together like only a drill sergeant and no other options will do for him.

The plan at the moment is that after the kid is released from the hospital, the wiser older daughter will drive her younger sister to my house to spend a couple of weeks with me and her grandparents, while mom lays down the law with the deadbeat. We’ll see if that works. I only know the Romeo and Juliet thing, when the parents deny the kids what they want, they go out and do worse...