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Wagon Wednesday

When I went mountain biking a couple weeks ago, this wasn’t a staged, “ooh look at the scenery I’ll park my car right there...” it was just the spot that wasn’t blocking the other cars. As I hopped on the bike though, I kinda had to take a picture.

I biked up a small local mountain on the most perfect fall day you could ask for: it was around 50 degrees, sunny and almost no breeze. And because it was October, NO BUGS. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any friends to go with me, so it meant that I got two hours by myself in the woods, but had to ride a bit more conservatively. Side note: this is a section of a trail I did earlier this summer with a friend, but this is just the best part of it, not the full 11 miles, about half of which is truly bike-able.


My only issue on the ride was about 25 feet from the summit, on the way down - I didn’t even have my pedals clipped in yet - and I fell off awkwardly at very low speed. In catching my fall with my hand, I found a sharp object on the ground and punctured my palm right in the middle of where I hold onto my handlebar. Now it’s about a 20 minute (45 minutes up) intense descent down a narrow, rugged hiking trail, requiring a strong grip and lots of braking. So... when I got to my car, my whole palm was caked in a mixture of blood and dirt. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. So here’s one from the summit:

Mostly, I wanted an excuse to post these pictures on Oppo, so here you go.

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