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Wagon Wednesday: Matchbox's Best of the Blue

(Edit: I’m sleepy and posted this to Oppo instead of LaLD. Excuse the oversight and enjoy a few photos of blue estates.)

Well, after Teutonic Tuesday comes Wagon Wednesday as I’m sure you’re all aware, so today I’ve brought out two blue Matchbox wagons that stray a bit outside of the ordinary compact executive status quo: one is Swedish, and the other American. Yep, a V60 and a CTS! The former is no Polestar and the latter is no V, so it’s refreshing to see MBX replicating the ordinary and everyday again as they once used to.

Great badge detail
And badging detail, too!
Various shades of blue
Two very different windowlines
The swept-back Caddy
And the hammerhead Vo
Sweden v. USA

That’s all from me today! Hope your week is going well and I’ll see you on French Friday! Thanks for looking, and see you around LaLD!

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