I don’t want a Suburban to haul my perfect nuclear family of 2.5 kids. That is too main stream. If only there was something similar out there that was way cooler.

Well, I have found it. This is a Checker Aerobus. The Checker Aerobus is a fantastic family vehicle. It has plenty of cargo space and of course plenty of seating. No more children fighting for the bench seat. They can have and entire bench for themselves, and it won’t even impede the cargo space. Need a prime vehicle for a bar crawl or pilgrimage, look no further.


The Checker Aerobus was essentially an elongated version of their popular Marathon taxi. It was used primarily in large cities transporting people from the city center to the city’s airport. The Aerobus was built from 1962 - 1977.

The Aerobus came in 2 body styles (Sedans and Wagons) and 2 door options (6 or 8 doors).

8 door wagon
8 door sedan
6 door wagon

Well look at that. There happens to be one for sale for an all too much money for me right now price of $13,500. This particular example needs a bunch of help in the interior which will equate to remodeling a small house, but I would take it over a mainstream Suburban.


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