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Wagon work.

Took today off work to get some stuff done on the ‘87 Mercury Colony Park wagon(tentatively dubbed Project Colony Ship).

The local Pick N Pull had this ‘90 Ford Country Squire I was hoping would have some of my most needed parts. Depite someone clearly having messed with the car just to be an ass it had most everything i needed.


The final haul was an alternator, used battery, drivers door switch panel, tailgate gasket, and tailgate handle. Couldn’t get the window motors and lock actuator as they were riveted in by Ford.

With that in hand i got to work. In addition to the finest in discount used VW batteries, i replaced the positive cable and put a new end on the negative one as both cable ends were trashed.


The alternator went in, but a test run showed it was overcharging to 17.9 volts and had a short to geound when off. I have a brand new voltage regulator to put in as that is still half the cost of new.


The rear hatch got its new handle, and a thorough lubing of all the latches. The window motor is slow and the window stops halfway down and won’t go back up. So that will require more digging.


I found out that the electrical issue draining the battery (3 amps with the car off!) Is in the circuit for the power locks, power mirrors, and interior lights. Despite finding this toasted mirror switch, i haven’t tracked it down. So that fuse is pulled for right now.

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