Wagons > Crossovers (TDI Update)

I’ve driven this thing 2,000 miles and it’s already one of my favourite purchases...ever!

Even in its current condition it’ll cruise at 70 no problem. I finally have the cable I need to run VCDS, but of course my diag computer doesn’t boot. Le sigh.


The Gambler people keeps giving me stickers, and I keep adding the things!


Plans for the car have changed. It’ll get the limp fixed, some ATs on some alloys, a tow hitch, and a Chinese market headunit with Bluetooth. It’ll also get my now trademark roof rack.


It will see some dirt, but the car is so so so nice that I’m limiting myself to “soft roading”. That means the Vespa will be my true Gambler vehicle, now.

In other news, I hope to have the GS back on the road by Christmas!

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