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Wagons, Utes, and Hatches- Evolved Taste or Irrational Infatuation?

Mr. Kriendler from TTAC made the following statement yesterday on the Twitterverse- "If wagons, Utes etc were commonplace here, we'd just be like the Europeans and fetishize trucks and SUVs"

I responded that the statement is probably true but at least we would be able to buy them. Then he followed up with- "But...people only think they're cool because they're not sold here. If they were, you'd ignore them. That was my point."


Before I begin I would like to mention, to those that are unaware, that Mr. Kriendler is a fan of the forbidden fruit that many of us long for in the States. His cynicism is not coming from a place of dislike but more of a reality check regarding the vast differences in tastes between our relatively small conclave of gear-heads and the car-buying public at large.

Now, I get that within the car-blogs wagon-love and rants about hot-hatches/utes have almost become a "thing." But is this just a simple case of wanting what we can't have? Or is it possible that due to our more extensive knowledge of the automotive world we have a better appreciation for such vehicles?

I am known among my gear-head friends as "the guy who likes wagons" and get funny looks for my "strange" desire to daily-drive an RS6 Avant. No matter how often I spout the specs on the new E63 AMG S estate or explain the advantages of having a supercharged Corvette engine in a car that can handle a Home Depot run, there is just no convincing some people. But I don't love wagons because I can't have them, I love wagons because I owned one. The one car I truly regret selling was my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT 5-speed wagon, the combination of performance and utility was just intoxicating.

Also, if I'm honest I'm not that crazy about Utes. Sure they are cool, but despite their unavailability here I really don't have a desire for one. Perhaps if I once owned an El Camino or a compact-pickup, I would feel differently. Hot-hatches on the other hand, bring them on. Again, because I had a Mini Cooper S and currently drive a Mazda3 there is a soft-spot for small, practical cars, with MOAR POWER!


I know full well that I am in the minority of car-buyers and are painfully aware of the sales figures regarding my favorite rides but like the beer connoisseur who prefers Guinness from the homeland my automotive taste originate not from the draw of "unobtanioum" but from the knowledge that sometimes there are actually better products across the pond.

What say you? Do you want four-wheeled forbidden fruit because it's forbidden? Or because you know it just tastes better?

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