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Wagons Weekly: Whoever Said Senior Year Was Easy Lied (life rant) Edition

Ever since I left my last co-op and started senior year, life has been crazy. Probably my fault as I picked up a 20-25 hour part time job to help pay the bills. Between working, looking for full time jobs, 16 credit hours of which a lot of outside work is needed (Unit Ops Lab and Chemical Engineering Process Design are very time intensive), I wake up at 5:30 AM, hit the gym by 6, and usually don’t get home until 9-930 PM. I write this now at midnight as my group has just turned in our first design project.

The worst part is my Ninja didn’t sell (I’m fine with that), but needs a valve adjustment badly and I’m afraid to really ride it before I get it done but have absolutely no time to drop it off. Hopefully the fact that it’s still 90 in late September means if I get it in the next two weeks, I may still be able to enjoy it (probably not).

The other worst part is I’m starting to feel like the alcohol hits me worse now (I’m about to turn 23). I used to be able to finish class/exams at 11, drink at 1 until 1 am, wake up the next morning and feel great. Now I can have a few beers, drink a bunch of water, and still feel kind of shitty the next day. I get stuck between wanting to drink with friends, but not wanting to do it because I have too much stuff to do and know I’ll be useless the day after I drink. Oh well.


Luckily, there’s only 10 weeks left in this semester after this week, and spring semester should be much better. If my grades falter this semester, I have a very high cumulative GPA so it won’t affect me much (which is nice). I just need to get on my ass about getting the bike fixed. I also moved in with my girlfriend, and that’s always nice to come home to.

I hope I haven’t missed much on Oppo since mid August. I feel like I haven’t even looked at the site once since then. I miss you guys.

Obligatory avant for your time.

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