Wagovan - Much better! [updated]

[Update] Just picked it up. Super happy with the people I took it too. Friendly car guys, plus $100 all in for oil change and front+rear alignment. The oil change was $10 because I brought the oil and filter. Just look at those numbers!

We BSed about cars a little before I drove off and the tech thought it was really fun to drive haha.


Unexpected bonus: Amazon is refunding the overnight shipping on the spacers with my return.

Original post:

Wagovan is getting an oil change and an alignment at the moment. Last night I got all four tires off the ground, again, and removed the jankity spacers in favor of the new sexy ones.


Install was mostly smooth, though I had to remove about 0.02" from the ID for the front hubs which was... annoying. Wheels still clear even with the 0.05" reduction in spacing, so overall I’m very pleased.

Drove to work on the highway with only a minor vibration at 70MPH.

Still a lot of work to do to get this sucker ready for the overlanding trip in April, but we’re well on the way.

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