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Wagovan: Not as healthy as I'd hoped

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Good news is the Wagovan made it to and from the exhaust shop, including a couple stints at 75 MPH on the highway. The bad news is it isn’t... quite right.


The idle, while perfect at start up, creeps up as the car warms up. When I parked it at work, it was up to 1800 RPM. That is too damn high.


Also, when getting on the gas on the on ramp it... wanted none of it. Started to sputter and (maybe) lightly backfire through the carb. It certainly did a stumble or two and REALLY didn’t want to get up to speed.


I have some thoughts:

  1. Could be running lean? I never turned the carb because it didn’t, initially, seem to need it. This is step 1 when I get home... probably.
  2. Intake leak that only happens when the engine is hot? Possible? I leak checked it cold and it was tight as a drum, but it wouldn’t hurt to check again.
  3. Idle is improperly adjusted? I raised it a bit when I first got it running, but it’s possible what I really meant to raise was the choke high idle, thereby overshooting on the non-high idle? Weber’s documentation on this is somewhat lacking. More research required.
  4. Timing is off? Unlikely as idle is idle? I think? Pinching the vacuum advance doesn’t seem to change anything, but, again, won’t hurt to check.
  5. Fuel pressure too high? I’ve never done a fuel pressure check, so it is possible the carb is being overwhelmed. I’m not super enthused about doing a fuel pressure check, but I have the equipment to do it.
  6. New exhaust is somehow ruining everything? The problem existed before, but wasn’t as bad. Then again I hadn’t taken it on the highway before so. Probably a red herring? (Sidenote: the exhaust guy offered to buy it haha. This is my punishment for not taking him up on that. No I don’t think he did anything bad to it. Super cool guy.)
  7. Something I’m not thinking of?

What does Oppo think?

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