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Wagovan Work - 10 Days to go!

This weekend was mostly successful wrenching, with one really, really bad fail. Here is a quick list of all the stuff I managed to get done!

  • Confirmed timing belt is correctly aligned
  • Confirmed valve timing
  • Re-adjusted valves
  • Replaced distributor
  • Replaced negative battery terminal
  • Installed aftermarket TPMS
  • Replaced rear wiper
  • Adjusted rear latch
  • Re-located expansion tank
  • Fit light bar (don’t like it, going with Plan C)
  • Applied custom “4WD” stickers
  • Replaced all coolant hoses

I was waffling on the cooling system, but I am mostly glad I got that done. The hoses looked original and you could hear the fibers inside them breaking as I was removing them, a first for me.


Unfortunately this was my largest failure. Not only did the whole thing take a lot longer than I though, I didn’t successfully complete it!


As I was trying to bleed the system, using the factory method, I could not get the thermostat to open. Eventually the water started boiling out of the top of the radiator and I had to shut it down. I tried again using a vacuum filler, but with the same end results.


Turns out the thermostat I bought was defective. Did the water test and it didn’t start to open until 200 or 210F. For a 180F thermostat that is... unacceptable. After that first opening it seems to be working OK now, but I’m not willing to risk it.

So... getting there. I plan on getting to the exhaust shop later this week, testing the running at that time, and seeing if I can borrow a lift this weekend to change the diff and transmission fluid.


No worries yet... unless my highway issues persist in which case I am super boned.

Hey... want a sneak peek of what the plastidip looks like?

Well OK....

Still so much clean up to do, but it looks really good... I promise. Also yes I know the sticker doesn’t look straight... but I think it is?

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