It isn’t the exhaust. There is no way it could be the exhaust. Except maybe it is the exhaust? Let’s think about that for a second...

Quick summary for the uninitiated: For almost as long as it has been on the road in my care, my 1986 Honda Civic wagon has had problems with sustained high throttle. It starts to lose power and backfire though the intake. I’ve done a lot to diagnose and solve this problem, but haven’t. It did go away for a while, but now it is back.

Alright, so I had some shower thoughts on this while trying to figure out what the problem is/ was. When troubleshooting earlier I’d noticed the muffler had a small hole in the front of it. Annoying, as it was brand new.


In fact, all of these problems started immediately after picking it up from the exhaust shop.....

Ok, I don’t actually think the exhaust is the problem. I hadn’t really driven the car much or hard before dropping it off to get the exhaust put on. But that said the problem presented immediately after picking it up. As in within a mile away when I was getting on an on-ramp. Now with the muffler failing in under 300 miles... is it possible that is my problem? I’ve also noticed a TON of water coming out of the exhaust, which is allegedly a sign of a bad exhaust? Also a bad HG... so there is that.

What does oppo think? Did the muffler man sell me some bad pipes?

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