Yes, yes I did. No, I’m not naked; I made them after bathing.

The one on the left tile looks more like a backyard circuit at first, but that facility is only 1 of 7 places in the world where illegal street racers—on both two and four wheels—who are apprehended by the law are taken in for Race Driver/Race Rider and Race Team training, culminating in a 12-hour endurance race that’s streamed on Twitch.


The one on the right is an FIA Grade 1 track somewhere in California, which features 55 meters of elevation, as well as the curviest (and steepest uphill) DRS zone on the F1 calendar.

Brakes wouldn’t work as hard in the circuit (set in Minsk) on the upper tile as it would in other circuits barring Spielberg and the 6th circuit I drew, but that doesn’t mean it would be easy, as the elevation change is 111 meters, and T4 to T8 is both blind and off-camber. Also note Turn 1, which is like Parabolica in Monza, but mirrored.

The lower tile, meanwhile, is flat and flat, being based on an old WW2 airfield, so it’s quite easier. Just. An excellent line here can help you maximize momentum for the straights, but it will be wit that can get you past the car in front.


Turns 5 and 6 in this circuit are modeled after the Carraciola-Karussell and kleines-Karussell corners, but the banking stretches the entirety of the corner, not just the inside, which makes the segment the trickiest on the circuit. That doesn’t mean the rest is any easier, though, as compression is huge coming to T9 and T12.


Aside from what Kimi Raikkonen says is “the best last three corners a driver will tackle”, the Uruguayan circuit is fast, with the average speed per lap here hitting as high as 160 mph. Surprisingly, carrying a bit more wing will go a long way here, and wouldn’t really hamper straight-line speed. Compression between T7 and T8, however, borders on brutal.



Well, here you go. I got my quota for this whole week and won’t make more. I would like, however, to see Jason Torchinsky re-draw these using gel in pen on paper or some other appropriate medium. i’ll mail this and the rest to him next week, unless he gets here first.

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