I was very excited about the news that I’m going to be a Dad soon, but there’s one aspect of the whole thing that I don’t really like.

Today I’m delivering my car to it’s new owner and collecting something more family-friendly for the wife, and in a few weeks when the finances settle a bit, I’ll see what I can come up with for me.

Had been waiting for the chance to buy this car for a good 3 years, and now, just a few months later I have to sell it with 5k miles on it, and not even the chance to really fiddle with it. I was waiting to paying it off before doing some upgrades and start pushing it on the AutoX, but the baby news beat me for a month.

I honestly feel like a horrible parent-to-be if something like this can bring me so down.

On the funny side. The Oppo and Jalopnik stickers didn’t come off without a fight lol, had to bring out the razorblade to remove them since they were breaking into little nail-encrusting pieces. It left a sort of halo etched on the glass, which I don’t care if the new owner doesn’t appreciate, but I thought it was kind of poetic in it’s own way.


One last wash...

*Starts singing “See you Again” by Wiz Khalifa*