Waiting at the Toyota Dealership (update)

Getting my airbag of doom replaced on the Yaris. I bet they love doing free work on 270k beaters.

The car I’m not buying. For one reason my Enkei wheels don’t fit on it, stupid 5x100 bolt pattern. Otherwise I could consider low balling. They are offering “top dollar” for my trade after all.


But honestly, I like the Yaris a lot. Cheap durable manual hatchbacks are fun. Who knew?


They were good to me and not only gave me a list I already knew needed done* (no upselling), but they reset my check engine light after being unable to diagnose that miss and set my clock. CEL is still off, so I guess the spark plug change was enough.

*rear shoe adjustment, LR brake light, serpentine belt

Obviously I’m not taking a 270k Yaris in for regular dealer service, but the 86 is a bit more tempting now.


But first I need to consider a very irresponsible opportunity. With a moderately clean bill of Yaris health...Yolo?

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