My engine decided to take a leak the other dat, which developed into a downright stream of coolant from the waterpump. Aight, it happends. But same engine also leaks oil on the gearbox side behind the flywheel, so instead of throwing parts at that one, im throwing the parts at a spare engine my dad had lying around but never got done building. It’s gonna be 250$-ish in parts. “new” engine is an XR3i, same 1.8L Zetec as the one i run, just bigger intake and different cams for +25hp, up to 130.

Clutch was worn well down... Got an almost brand new along with different flywheel as spares tho.


The hunt for plugs in the oil passage to mount piston oil squirters began, but was hindred by the fact that this block apparently hadn’t been drilled/machined for them, like another 1.8 block we did before was. Oh well, don’t plan on running it hard so it should last.


Cleaned all the oil and grease off the oil pan, gonna try to see if i can get the same clean aluminium finish as the bottom has on the rest today.

Also painted the PCV valve thingy black, so it wasn’t all RUSTED to look at. I badly need a can of silver-ish paint for the dipstick and other various parts.

I ordered the parts yestaday, and they should all arrive at shop tomorrow. Today will be spent getting new regulator for the extra alternator im refurbing to put on aswell.